Swimming pool in Cartosio

Property of Maarten Ter Braak – Johanna Francisca Maria Bruggen (Holland)

Constructed 2007 – 2009

Situated in the Soliè district of the village of Cartosio (ALESSANDRIA)

Piedmont ITALY


This pool was conceived with the idea of creating a leisure area next to the main house, sited above the house, and in a position of full sun yet removed from the access road below it.

There were two parts to this work, the infinity edge on the valley-facing side of the pool and the diving area at the other end of the pool.

The intention was to create the illusion of a swimming pool that resembled a pond whilst at the same time being large and deep, sited with its back to the hill and looking out over the valley without the edge of the pool obstructing the view, and one into which people can dive with ease with a depth of two and a half metres.

Essentially the pool is divided in two parts;

Of special interest is the poolside area, with one part paved and supplied with electrical sockets and a space for a gazebo for eating out or relaxing in the shade whilst the lawned area on two sides of the pool allow the space between the pool and the house to be enjoyed, with the infinity edge as a type of fountain and the path up to the paved area of the pool divides the living area from the leisure area of the land surrounding the house.

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