Swimming pool in Cavatore

property of Roger Henricus Arnoldus Gerritzen – Christina Maria Theodora Van Den Heuvel (Holland)

Constructed: 2008 – 2010

situated in Valle Orecchie region in Cavatore village (ALESSANDRIA)

Piedmont ITALY


This swimming pool at Cavatore is an excellent example of how to resolve a problem with a building by the construction of an additional feature.

The problem was immediately visible upon starting work on the site because of the insufficient size of the adjacent land and the consequent difficulty in creating a 12m x 4.5m swimming pool as requested by the owners.

Given the requirement of maximizing the view from the swimming pool it was decided that the plan of positioning it within the designated area should proceed by enlarging the same and giving it a more regular and manageable size.

The pool was constructed with a foundation of 12 micro-rods fixed in reinforced concrete which was itself formed of high-performance concrete with 11cm diameter iron rods being additionally reinforced with a 12cm bar, all of which were fixed in 15cm bore holes drilled into the ground.

The project also included a diving area at one end of the pool and steps for access at the other end.

The aesthetic balance of the project gave the pool a well-defined symmetry with its impressive length enhanced by an asymmetric poolside pavement and the supporting bank on the valley side of the house.

The pool was finished with the local Luserna stone for the poolside area whilst the pool liner is a classic Mediterranean blue.

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